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My...Whatever I Want This To Be

13 April
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I'm a recent graduate from a Midwestern university, with a useless degree. I like to read and I like to explore. There's very little I won't try at least once, though I may react violently to whatever it is. I'm a musical learner, but I can't play anything well. I'm messy, I'm complicated, and I'm a writer.

I have a family that supports me, and a good network of friends. You know who you are. :D

My favorite activities are watching movies, making things, reading and writing.

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I also play a few characters in various places. They include: Coreen Fennel (Blood Ties)coreenfennel, Cleopatra (Rome)jeweled_asp, Ivy Tamwood (The Hollows)living_vamp, Beetle (The Japanese Beetle!)japanese_beetle, Spandexwoman (The Japanese Beetle!)spandexed_edie, Penny (Dr. Horrible)caring_hand, Denna (Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth)pain_unites, Ariella (LotS future-verse)chosen_heir, Anna-Sophia (The Japanese Beetle! Millicanon future-verse)nxtstrwbrrygirl, and Suz Sullivan (OC,with her canon in it's rough draft form)shreddinsuz.